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CMA NXT is all about connecting the industry with young aspiring marketers. In order to achieve this, we are looking for the support of marketers and industry professionals to help us illuminate the complex world of marketing, what is needed to be successful, and what is impacting and changing the way we market. On this page you will find ways that you, as a marketer, can get involved and share your experiences and expertise with participants!

Two ways to help the next generation of marketers:

Video Content

21st Century Marketer Stories

Video Content

There are three different types of videos that you can get involved in, each covering a different topic.

Areas of focus:

Roles in Marketing

The marketing industry is complex and changing at a rapid pace, which leaves many students wondering what the right career path is for them. This module will explore the landscape of marketing within start-ups, agencies, not-for-profits, enterprise companies, etc.

We want to highlight all the different roles within marketing and how each differs by industry. In this video series, we will capture your personal journey into the industry, as well as what your current role entails and what is needed to be successful.

Marketing Yourself

One of the most frequently talked about issues surrounding students who are entering the workforce, is their lack of soft skills. Through this module we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of how students should present themselves professionally. We want to highlight the important skills that young professionals need to land their first job in marketing and be successful throughout their career.

We want to ensure that students are not only knowledgeable about marketing but are also developing the soft skills that are needed to bolster and compliment their technical skills. This is an opportunity for you as an industry professional to share what led to their success, best practices, and what they look for when hiring.

Future of the Marketing Industry

The marketing industry is changing rapidly with emerging tech, which increases the uncertainty of where the industry is headed. This module is a way to explore the ways in which the industry is changing and adapting. From best practices to emerging tech, to new regulatory practices, and how these changes can impact the way we conduct business.

This module also provides the opportunity for you to share your perspectives and talk candidly about the future of the marketing industry. For students this is a way to have virtual face-time and instant access to thought leaders in the marketing industry across Canada.

How to get involved?

Participants will be asked to do a brief introductory call to discuss the structure and content for their video. The CMA NXT team will coordinate studio time, and will provide participants with available dates and times for a 1.5 hour video shoot time slot.

Those participating in the Roles in Marketing, will also be asked to allow the CMA NXT video team to come to their office for a 2 hour b-roll session. Participants will have the opportunity to review all b-roll ideas prior to the session.

Here is an example of how our videos will look like

Where will the videos live?

All video content will be featured on our platform. Only participants will have access to the videos. We will also feature short snippets of the videos on our social channels to promote CMA NXT.

21st Century Marketer Stories



The marketing industry is home to people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Everyone has a unique story of how they got into the industry and how they found success. Through this campaign, we want to highlight and feature marketers all across Canada. It is a way for participants to find inspiration and connection with their own experiences. We will be sharing these stories with our NXT community on our blog, as well as short excerpts with your picture on our social channels.

Here is a snapshot of what our Instagram grid looks like


There is a short Word document to be completed in conjunction with the photo shoot, that consists of various questions such as how you got to where you are today, how did you start your career, the biggest challenge you faced, why you pursued a career in marketing, and what advice would you give to those pursuing a similar path. Depending on location and proximity to CMA NXT, our photographer will meet you for the photo shoot. If you are outside of the GTA area, further arrangements will be discussed.

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