Meet Lisette Gelinas: Marketing Coach

I started my marketing career working for Wunderman which is a direct response marketing agency.  I was a shared resource between the account service and media departments.  It was actually a perfect entry-level role - I learned very quickly about how to measure a campaign and the how to apply those results and insights on the creative development and the media buy.  I got a big picture view very early on in my career.

The biggest challenge for me was, the workload.  Learning how to manage the sheer volume of work and manage expectations was challenging.  I learned how to multi-task, how to move quickly from one task to the next, how to raise my hand for help, and how to work as part of a team to get the job done. 

What keeps me motivated to stay in the marketing industry is, the people and the energy created by the team when you do really good work.  I love marketing people. They are highly creative, intelligent, high spirited, media-consuming, trend-setters. When you are lucky enough to be part of a great team, the energy practically crackles in the room and the work is always outstanding.

Curiosity. That is the most important aspect to possess. The best marketers I know all have this characteristic. They are curious about what motivates people, curious about how to influence and persuade people, curious about how the marketing performed, curious about how to make the marketing better.

New technology is going to continue automating more and more of the execution and measurement of marketing.  But the brands that win will be the ones that put a renewed focus on insights and creativity.  Although speed to market has become the biggest driver of marketing, I believe this is going to shift back a little as companies return to putting more emphasis on protecting and nurturing their brand.  And this takes time and, of course, talented marketers. 

Make marketing your passion - work on different brands and categories, don't be afraid to take chances, never stop learning, be curious about the world around you, share your knowledge with others, and constantly mentor new talent. That is what I would say to anyone looking to make a career out of marketing.

Do you love going to work (most) days?  If the answer is yes, you are successful. 

There are several defining moments in my life, but one of them was when I decided to teach marketing for the CMA. I had always mentored young marketers and done in-house training for the companies I worked for, but the curriculum development and teaching I have done for the CMA has rejuvenated my love of marketing and expanded my business knowledge. I have done just as much learning as I have done teaching over the past 7 years. I now work as a marketing coach providing marketing advice and guidance to individuals from big and small organizations.

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