Meet Sherry Slejska: Creativity & Strategy

I started my career in marketing in Media Sales for a small community newspaper called the Petawawa Post.

I decided to pursue a career in marketing because it has allowed me to enjoy a lot of variety in my work. I get to exercise my creativity and be strategic – it’s never boring!

I believe that as a marketer it is important for you to be goal focused. Because every effort you take can only have value to your organization if it supports the organizations goals.

I also believe that you must value people. You will likely work cross functionally with many personalities and departments. When you appreciate that people are allowed to have different perspectives and the variety of insights adds a lot of value to why, what and how you execute on something.

How do you think new and emerging technology will impact the future of marketing?

I expect planning, production, execution and campaign analysis will happen even faster. We need better dashboards to track activities and results If we are going to be efficient and effective.

Success to me is adding value to an organization by effectively supporting their goals. If you do this you are a hero. If you don’t you are a great expense.

As a student interested in pursuing a career in marketing, first, establish your own set of core values. Live them out with integrity leading the way. Second, keep learning, try new things and be a team player.


A well balanced life will provide your greatest satisfaction. Work hard, value people, keep growing and enjoy your work, family and hobbies.



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