Meet Emily Baillie: The Social Media Professor & Entrepreneur

"In my early 20s, I was reluctant to network with others in the industry because I was introverted. I felt intimidated by the prospect of attending networking events with senior marketers. I’ve come a long way since then!

Now I value human relationships more than anything and I tell my students that, like it or not, authentic networking - along with continuous professional development - is an essential part of any successful career in marketing."

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Meet Alene van der Hoop: Networking Storyteller

"I got started in marketing because someone took a chance on me!</strong> Given both my undergraduate and master’s degrees were in disciplines outside of business and marketing, I didn’t really have a leg up on other candidates in this field. Understanding my disadvantage on paper, I was determined get in front of as many people as possible and tell my personal story firsthand and highlight all of the transferrable skills I had acquired that would help me succeed in sponsorship and marketing. "
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Meet Vanessa Pagliaroli: Collaborative Innovator

"My biggest challenge was finding a marketing position on the client-side that I would be happy with. Client-side opportunities, especially intern positions, are much rarer than they are on the agency side. Once I landed my first job at Mercedes, the biggest challenge was adapting to the practices for corporate culture - i.e. Email being the main form of communication, meeting heavy environments and the time to complete work. When you’re in school were taught the skills, we need to succeed in our careers, but the day to day corporate etiquette and practices are an entirely different skill that can’t be taught but are learned."
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Meet Kaley Green: Master of Many

"I view success as creating and implementing programs that empower marketing and business development professionals to drive top-line growth within their organizations. And on a personal level, establishing yourself as an agent of change within your firm and as a trusted resource to both your colleagues and peers in the industry."
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Meet Lisette Gelinas: Marketing Coach

"I started my marketing career working for Wunderman which is a direct response marketing agency.  I was a shared resource between the account service and media departments.  It was actually a perfect entry-level role - I learned very quickly about how to measure a campaign and the how to apply those results and insights on the creative development and the media buy.  I got a big picture view very early on in my career."
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Meet Jason Repovs: The Martial Artist

"I graduated from my undergrad with a BBA concentrating in Marketing; I knew coming out of school that I wanted to work in Marketing. I graduated in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. The job market had been devastated, and few companies were hiring at the time I first started looking for work."
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