Meet Lorna Antoniazzi: Ethical Marketer

"I got my foot in the door through a reference. In university, I joined a literary journal and became friends with my Editor-in-Chief and mentor, who eventually decided to pursue marketing as well. I reached out to them post-university and was lucky enough to get an interview with Brainrider through them. The rest is history."
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Meet Santo Ligotti: The Creative Analyst

"Technology has always played a role in growing marketing. What’s important for marketers is to stay abreast of all the technologies that the consumer is demanding. Being ahead of what’s next shows a continued commitment and engagement with the client.  Embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to be even more connected with your customers.”
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Meet Angelika Orgacki: The Constant Learner

"My advice to students looking to get into the industry would be to get real-life experience; volunteer, seek relevant summer placements or internships, and find mentors! If you come across someone’s career profile that sparks your interest, setup an informational interview or ask to grab a coffee. Growing your network is a must in the marketing industry and never stop learning!"
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Meet Sherry Slejska: Creativity & Strategy

"As a student interested in pursuing a career in marketing, first, establish your own set of core values. Live them out with integrity leading the way. Second, keep learning, try new things and be a team player."
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Meet Kim Yong-Set: The Networker

"Finding myself, was my biggest challenge when I first started out. It may seem trite but sometimes you have to ‘kiss a couple frogs before you find your prince’. The important thing is to get everything you can out of every role you take. It’s surprising how two jobs in completely different industries, could have transferable skills that will allow you to grow and strengthen your skill set."
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Meet Liz Oke: The Curious Cat

“There have been so many times in my career that I have stepped out of my comfort zone, sometimes not having a solid plan, that has turned out for the better. Whether it was that I made a decision to leave a job, get in front of a classroom and teach, incorporate my business, or take any other sort of risk, it has always paid off for me in the end. Always find that silver lining and stay positive.”
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