Meet Lisette Gelinas: Marketing Coach

"I started my marketing career working for Wunderman which is a direct response marketing agency.  I was a shared resource between the account service and media departments.  It was actually a perfect entry-level role - I learned very quickly about how to measure a campaign and the how to apply those results and insights on the creative development and the media buy.  I got a big picture view very early on in my career."
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Meet Sonam Nylosang: The Juggler

"My proudest achievement has been the work I've done as Vice President at the Digital Enterprise Management Association at the University of Toronto Mississauga. With my team we successfully organized and executed over 12 individual and collaborative events throughout the school year that contributed to the personal and professional development of UTM students."
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Meet Jason Repovs: The Martial Artist

"I graduated from my undergrad with a BBA concentrating in Marketing; I knew coming out of school that I wanted to work in Marketing. I graduated in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. The job market had been devastated, and few companies were hiring at the time I first started looking for work."
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Meet Lorna Antoniazzi: Ethical Marketer

"I got my foot in the door through a reference. In university, I joined a literary journal and became friends with my Editor-in-Chief and mentor, who eventually decided to pursue marketing as well. I reached out to them post-university and was lucky enough to get an interview with Brainrider through them. The rest is history."
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Meet Alexander Lee: Top International Student Marketer

"In addition to marketing, I am also very passionate about technology. I have personally invested in some technology companies and enjoy researching the latest technology developments in my spare time. I hope to be able to use some of the technologies of the future within marketing and hopefully trailblaze and innovate with some creative uses of our newest technologies in a marketing context."
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Meet Santo Ligotti: The Creative Analyst

"Technology has always played a role in growing marketing. What’s important for marketers is to stay abreast of all the technologies that the consumer is demanding. Being ahead of what’s next shows a continued commitment and engagement with the client.  Embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to be even more connected with your customers.”
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