October 06, 2019 3 min read

I actually came to marketing from a statistics background.  After completing an undergraduate degree in statistics and a graduate degree in Information Science, I started my career in database marketing.  At the time, this was still in its infancy, but the financial institutions were very much at the forefront; I spent my early days doing analysis and predictive modelling.  From there, I grew into more senior consultative positions providing analytics advice to internal client groups-all focused on understanding the client and their needs.  I left that role, after completing my MBA part time, to take on a broader marketing role that encompassed all critical areas-acquisition, retention, PR, digital, and brand. 

For me, my biggest challenge was trying to determine what industry would be the best fit for me and additionally, how would I be able to use my analytical background effectively in what I considered a more creative space.  Starting in financial service helped prove to me how important data is and how that should form the basis of understanding your customers.   I`ve always had a passion for understanding the customer - it`s so important to frame any problem or opportunity through the customer lens - is what we want to do the simplest and most effective thing we can do?

What motivates me is…

That we focus first on the client.  Marketing provides a canvas by which we can experiment with constant testing and iteration.  It involves a constant collaboration with all areas of the business - both internal and external, that are singularly motivated to improve the client experience. I love being able to straddle both the creative and analytical side of marketing where I can make informed decisions about how best to connect with customers on an emotional level-remembering always that each relationship is unique.

Core Values every marketer should possess are…

  • Acting with integrity - if you put the client first, you will always come out on top
  • Curiosity - find out how your clients think/act/feel - get on the front line, talk to those that speak with customers every day
  • Understand what the opportunities really are
  • Desire to Grow-learn from those that are on your team, learn from those who work in other groups, but most importantly take the time to understand how marketing is changing, what defines the future and most importantly, what can you do to contribute;
  • Volunteer, network, stay active.
  • Dedication to Each Other’s Success - be committed to excellence in all that you do, be accountable (if you don`t know, you don’t know, if you made a mistake, own up to it) and most importantly celebrate and elevate everyone`s successes

Technology has always played a role in growing marketing; What's important for marketers is to stay abreast of all the technologies that the consumer is demanding; being ahead of what's next shows a continued commitment and engagement with the client.  Embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to be even more connected with customers.

The biggest piece of advice I would say is to take the time to understand what you really want to do; what's your passion, what motivates you and take that to a job that will allow you to thrive.  Also, take risks, if you want to be the best marketer, it may mean you need to step away; spend time if you can in other areas of a business that will help you develop a stronger sense of what it means to be a client of the company you are working for. It will not only broaden your skills, it will also broaden your mind.

What qualifies success?

Again, someone who is curious yet humble - I like people who want to know as much as they can, but at the same time that have a self realization that there is opportunity to understand more or understand it differently. Also, stay engaged; keep up with the industry - volunteer if you can, read, continually try to learn.

I was part of a restructuring that resulted in my job being eliminated.  What I learned from that experience was that you should never let it define you.  Its usually a blip on a long career path that  always results in new opportunities.

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