December 10, 2019 4 min read

Tell us a bit about you and why you are interested in marketing:

I was interested in marketing before I even fully understood all that it entailed. I had always been compelled by companies branding techniques and took notice of promotional campaigns no matter what the product was. I enjoyed making displays and raising awareness for causes and organizations before I had even realized what I was doing. I have always had a passion for marketing and social media but completing my post-degree program in marketing and truly becoming involved in the industry only enhanced that passion. I am currently the Community Outreach Officer at a not-for-profit organization, which includes running their social media, event planning, community engagement and creating/executing marketing campaigns. During university I tried to get involved in anything and everything marketing. I joined clubs related to marketing, volunteered in many different sectors, worked as a social media intern for a local business, and anything else I could do to gain experience. I also worked as an experiential marketer for many leading companies and it all started with a message on LinkedIn!

Tell us about your greatest achievement thus far:

My greatest achievement thus far would be my role in organizing a thought-leader event with one of the biggest names in marketing out there; Arlene Dickinson. Not only was it a sold-out event and overall great success, but I actually had the opportunity to meet her backstage – and be featured in her Instagram story!

Tell us about who inspires you and why:

One of my biggest inspirations is Arlene Dickinson – and not just because I was able to meet her! It inspires me how she came from having nothing; no money, no education, and worked her way up to where she is today. If you’ve ever read her book “All In,” then you’ve heard her story about how she was just looking for any job to pay the bills, ended up at a marketing agency with no experience, and in the next 9 years she had bought out the whole company – now one of the top marketing agencies in the country. She is the perfect example of how hard work and dedication, truly pays off. I also admire how she always stays true to herself in her business, no matter what. 

Tell us what drew you to marketing and what keeps you motivated:

I love the creativity that marketing brings out in people – and brings to people! I love that the industry is always changing and always exciting. Everyday is always different in the marketing world! I enjoy staying up to date on the current marketing trends, and learning the best way to utilize them into my work.

Tell us about your dream job, what an ideal role would be for you, and what mark or impact you want to have on the marketing industry:

My dream job would be to one day own to my own marketing agency. I hope to be an industry leader in the marketing world, bringing some of the most exciting and impactful marketing strategies to life. I aspire to create eye-capturing campaigns that will be taught in marketing courses – for good reasons of course!

Are there any trends in marketing that you are following or interested in? Tell us a bit about them and why you are interested in them:

I’m very interested in seeing how content is going to continue to play a role in marketing and in businesses success. Content is everything nowadays, and it’s critical to standout from all the clutter. It’s essential for engaging consumers, creating brand loyalty, and it will be interesting to see how it will be used to market to the next generation. With content, also comes influencers, which is another trend I’m excited to continue following and see how it impacts the industry. 

If you have applied to internship programs, co-ops, or any other relevant professional jobs, have there been any challenges or barriers you have faced? How did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges when applying to jobs that I have found is having the required amount of relevant experience. Even entry level positions sometimes require years of experience so I had to find a way to showcase how the experience I do have, relates to the position and how my skills could be beneficial to the company. One way to do this was by creating a professional portfolio and taking it to every interview. I included assignments I had done in school, previous work projects I had completed during summer placements, and any relevant volunteer materials.

If there is anything that you feel you would also like to include in your feature, whether it is a person experience that impacted you, something that has helped you, or any other defining moments, please share here:

My biggest piece of advice for marketing students is to get involved. It sounds like clique but you’ll never know unless you’ll try. There have been many moments when I thought there was no way I would get the job or I was unsure about joining a new club, but every time I was glad I put myself out there. I never wanted to look back and regret not taking a chance.

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