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During our development we have recognized the gap that exists for professionals who might already have taken their first steps in their careers. There are moments in all of our lives where we make changes, whether that is starting a new role, losing a job, getting a promotion, changing industries, wanting to redefine or establish ourselves, or changing careers. When these things happen, it is important that each of us has the tools and skills needed to excel and find success in whatever new opportunity awaits.

Soft skill development is something that takes place throughout our entire lives. There is not a single point in our lives where we should stop working on ourselves. That is why we feel strongly about providing all the tools that we have built on CMA NXT to everyone and anyone searching for resources to help upskill and improve their soft skill and professional development.



When we first created CMA NXT, we were looking to solve one problem.
The gap between post-secondary education and professional life. It’s a problem that has existed for years, and we wanted to address it and help the next generation of marketers and young professionals’ transition into their careers with ease. We successfully launched CMA NXT Beta in November of 2019 to do just that and we were able to speak to our audience, students effectively. What we learned though, was that people don't just face struggles early on in their careers. We all go through points of struggle at all stages of our professional journeys, where we need a helping hand. That is why CMA NXT is not just a platform for students, but a platform and a community for every professional.

Below you will find the vision and purpose that we set out with, when we first started CMA NXT.


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