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Remember as a child playing in the sandbox?

You had all the tools you needed to build whatever you could imagine with the sand. The only limitation at the time, was your imagination. And back then your imagination ran wild. We were free as children to be as creative as we wanted without anything holding us back. Somewhere along the way, life happened. Rules and structures were imposed on us, and suddenly our imaginative natures started to fade.

We’re bringing playtime back again, and we want you to embrace your inner child and allow your imagination to run wild once again! It’s your chance to use your imagination to visualize everything you want to be and achieve in your life. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to get there and take it to the next level. Welcome to the sandbox, where you will find all the tools you need to bring your imagination back to life.

Let's play!

Marketing Yourself


Curious how you can stand out and be memorable? Our industry experts are here to share what they have learned over the years on soft skill development. It’s all about how you can effectively market yourself! Employers are looking for so much more than someone who looks good on paper. Whether you are just starting to develop your soft skills, or you are looking for a tune up, our experts are here to help!

Roles in Marketing


Marketing touches so many different areas of business and is continuing to evolve as we adapt to new technology and ways of communicating with one another. What we used to classify as a marketing role, is no longer enough to fully capture all of the functions that go into marketing efforts. Roles have evolved and are continuing to be created to service the new means we have at our disposal to tactfully market to people around the world. We want to give you the inside scoop on what the roles in marketing actually are and share the stories of how these marketers got to where they are today.

NXT Exclusives


We have such a great network of marketers and business leaders from across Canada, and we want to be able to share all of their great insights with everyone. It can be difficult to get out to events, and we don’t want you to miss out. That is why we record all of the great sessions that we have at events we attend, or events that we host, Exclusively for you!

Upskilling with Google


There are so many digital skills out there and so little time. That’s why with the help of Google Canada, exploring all the aspects of digital marketing has never been easier. Google Canada is committed to equipping the next generation of marketers like you with the skills needed to succeed in the marketing industry and help Canadian businesses grow. With Google Digital Garage and Skillshop, focus on key digital skills and learn at your own pace with free training courses on digital marketing, Google Ads, and more.

The Experience Hub


After exploring the rest of the Sandbox, this is where you will get a chance to use all of the tools you now have to build an award-winning sandcastle! All of the skills you have developed will lead you to the practice or experience portion of CMA NXT. In the Experience Hub, you will find job shadow opportunities, an activities section where you can practice and provide feedback with your peers, mentorship opportunities, upcoming events, online portfolio, and a dedicated job board exclusively for our users. Exciting things are coming!

What’s NXT?


We wish we had a magic 8 ball that would answer all of our questions about the future, but we don’t. What we do have is a community of leading marketers and business professionals who are eager to share their thoughts and perspectives on how marketing and everyday business practices might evolve. We might not know exactly what to expect 10 years from now, but we are sure excited to see what industry leaders think about the future of business practices and how new technology and ways of communicating might impact how we do business. Stay tuned!

The Storybook: The NXT Blog

Every great story has a beginning, middle, and end. It has a point of conflict, sometimes disaster, triumph, and lessons learned. The Storybook is where you will find stories about marketers journeys, their advice for young professionals, and their insights on soft skill development to help you succeed in your own journey.

Open The Storybook

21st Century
Marketer Stories


The marketing industry is home to people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Everyone has a unique story of how they got into the industry and how they found success. Here we share marketers' journeys so that you can find inspiration and connect with people you might not have known about otherwise! Who knows, we might even feature you!

Guide to
Marketing Yourself


We have brought experts in business and soft skill development together to share their insights and advice for young professionals looking to get that extra edge. Building on the video content that they have shared with us, these articles are a place for you to explore some of the concepts that they share in a more intimate setting.