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How will CMA NXT benefit you?


“CMA NXT is about attracting awesome talent into an awesome community. And it will do that by clarifying the types of roles that are available and making sure there is a fit for thousands of marketers.” – John Wiltshire, President & CEO, CMA

“Everyone who I've spoken to about CMA NXT says, ‘I wish something like this existed when I was studying’… CMA NXT is a pathway to get your foot in the door, make the right connections and understand the industry better.” – Sheldon Rodrigues, AVP Initiatives & Strategy, CMA

“I think for marketing students, how they are really going to benefit especially initially with the CMA NXT program, is having that really good understanding of what the marketing landscape looks like” – Jess Rodrigues, Director Learning Programs, CMA

“It covers all the areas that are required to get into the marketing industry and it’s also a good way for them to access all the information on a single platform” – Caroline Dubois, Project Specialist, CMA

“What CMA NXT allows is for these connections to happen naturally. It's a really good unification of both ends to create this perfect kind of place to foster growth and development” – Hannah Hinchey, Project Coordinator, CMA

A Partnership For The NXT Generation


RBC is dedicated to helping the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow, and with CMA NXT, they are giving back to the community and to the NXT generation of marketers and young professionals. As our founding lead sponsors, they have helped us make this platform accessible to all youth in Canada! We are so thrilled to have their support!

Meet the RBC Team

Alan Depencier - RBC
SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, P&CB Marketing and Insurance

You can find Alan lounging on the beach at his cottage during the summer with his wife and kids or hanging at the hockey rink during the winter. Having grown up on a farm, he is probably the only marketing professional in Toronto who can drive an 18- wheeler as well as write a creative brief. Of course he had a CB Radio handle, just don’t ask what it was.

Jennifer Howard - RBC
VP Marketing, Digital, Cards, Payments & Personal Banking

Jennifer is an avid sports fan and golfer, loves to explore her creativity through cooking and has been proud to carry the title of Baseball Mom for more than 15 years. In her spare time she is also a VP at RBC overseeing Cards, Payments, Banking and Digital Marketing.

Elyse Stievenart - RBC
Senior Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Elyse is a marketer by day and a self-proclaimed home organizing expert by night. She loves traveling and has a passion for home design. Elyse is a Sr. Manager in Strategic Partnerships at RBC and the best part of her job is collaborating with other brands to bring Canadians more value.

The purpose and vision

A Better Understanding Is Needed

As a student, a recent grad, or someone just looking for that extra edge, you have the foundational technical skills that you've learned in your post-secondary programs to be successful. What you might be missing or haven't had an opportunity to really focus on and build, is your emotional intelligence quotient or better known as EQ. In order to make a lasting impression on perspective employers, you need to not only have a strong EQ, technical capabilities, but you also need to understand how YOU fit into the marketing landscape and where you want to be. We want to help you make informed decisions on what your NXT steps are!

Bridging The Gap

CMA NXT will help you get the transferable skills you need to succeed in the marketing industry. You will have the chance to get a glimpse into the industry, see the different roles within marketing and even see the variance between different companies. This will help you when you are deciding on what companies and roles to apply for.

A Video-Based Online Platform

CMA NXT will take you through four different modules: Roles in Marketing, Marketing Yourself, Future of the Marketing Industry, and the Experience Hub. We have brought industry professionals and thought leaders right to your fingertips! They share their insights on what it takes to be in their roles, give you advice on how to be successful, how to land your first job, what is going to impact the future of the industry, and everything in between.

The CMA NXT Beta
is live!

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