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Congratulations! You secured a new marketing role. Whether it’s your first, or you're an industry vet, it’s safe to say that no one hopes for a rocky entrance into a new role. We all hope to make a positive first impression, while taking a natural liking to the new work we’ve taken on. 

You might feel vulnerable in your new role—like everyone knows what’s going on except you. And while this is likely true, this time of being the “new person” is more valuable than you might think. Taking the “fly on the wall” approach, you get to watch and learn, understand people and patterns, and consider whether processes are effective from an outside perspective. 

To combat the inevitable fear that comes with a new role, implement these 5 tricks to ensure a smooth transition.

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1. Be Prepared for Change

Whether you couldn’t help but wonder what else was out there, or were open to any entry-level marketing role—embrace the change that comes with starting a new job. We’re often terrified of change and the uncertainty that comes with it. What if the workload is more challenging than I can handle? What if my colleagues don’t like me? What if I underperform?

Catch these doubts and reframe your thinking. What if this new workload teaches me more than I can imagine? What if my colleagues adore me? What if I thrive in my new role?

We can’t control every circumstance of a new role. But we can control our attitudes. Think positive, and set yourself up for success.

2. Be Open to Learning

Being prepared for change goes hand-in-hand with being open to learning. In your new marketing role, you will work on different projects with a new team who is confident using processes that are unfamiliar to you. Even if you have years of experience under your belt, it’s important to enter your new role with an openness to new procedures. If this is your first job, this will be easy if you’re eager to jump into the industry. 

But regardless of how much experience you have, being open to learning is a trait that all marketing professionals must have. The industry is constantly evolving—keep up!

3. Anticipate Challenges

Anticipate challenges, but not in a way that hampers your confidence. With any new marketing role comes challenges. The best way to prepare for challenges is to anticipate them. You’re not going to know everything! And who wants to anyway? Part of the beauty of working in marketing is the opportunity to improve our problem solving skills when faced with roadblocks.

4. Immerse Yourself Into the Company Culture

You might encounter a company culture that’s foreign to you. Happy hour? Slack GIFS? Weekly check-ins with your boss? Ahhh! Don’t fret. If you’re feeling nervous about fitting into the culture, the best thing you can do is immerse yourself. Go in with an open mind. Send the Slack gifs! Give the culture an honest shot, and see how you fit in. 

5. Build Relationships 

The relationships you make at work can make or break your experience. Even if you’re a major introvert, stepping out of your comfort zone and interacting with everyone will make the transition smoother. Remind yourself that every employee is there for the same reason: a passion for marketing. 

These relationships you forge don’t have to be temporary either. Look at this relationship building as a lifelong networking opportunity. 

These 5 tricks are especially useful for those starting a new marketing role, but they can also be utilized throughout the entirety of your career. You don’t have to be new to embrace change, learn, be challenged, immerse yourself, and build relationships! Your marketing career will be all the more rewarding when you lead with an open mind. 

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