February 16, 2021 4 min read

Not having the right technical skills as a marketer can feel discouraging. You know you’re capable of developing them so why wait to learn them? In today’s world, digital skills and soft skills development are in high demand. It’s a strong combo for a candidate applying for that dream role. Learning new skills shouldn’t be something to shy away from or put low on your priority list. That’s why Google Canada, our digital skills advocate, is committed to building skills for young and emerging marketers like you. Using their expertise, they have been able to zone in on skills every marketer should have in their arsenal. Get ready to reach expert level on these key digital marketing skills.

Meet Google Digital Garage & Google Skillshop

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If you haven’t heard of Google Digital Garage, then let us introduce you to your new best friend. Through this resource, you’ll access a plethora of courses to develop and upskill your digital marketing skills and then some. Really, there’s something for everyone from the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course to your Intro to Digital Wellbeing. It’s not all digital skill training either; soft skill training is just as important to Google and they have the courses to prove it like their Intro to Self-Promotion to get you interview ready. The beauty of Google Digital Garage is no matter which skill you decide to focus on, you’ll know exactly what you’re jumping into with each course outlined.

Then there’s Google Skillshop, a one-stop-shop to help you master the Google tools you may use at work. You’ll find e-learning courses designed by Google product experts, and you’ll learn at your own pace and get Google product certified on the topics that matter to marketers: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, and more. Who better than Google to break it down? The best part is with each new Google development, the Skillshop keeps pace with their training and education.

Learning about Google Ads

After you’ve completed the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (which gives you a great understanding of how digital marketing works and Google recommends is a great starting point), then maybe you’d like to explore all things Google Ads. Think of what you Google in a day and pay attention to what shows up on that first page. It’s no accident. It’s marketing working to catch your attention.

Beyond that initial search, the experience might evolve to something more and could include the whole breadth of Google’s advertising tools. Building off one another, it could be a moment of seeing a video ad while you browse YouTube or a small static ad on the site you were just perusing. Speaking of which, have you ever wondered what exactly is the Google Display Network? Imagine all of these elements working together to help drive awareness to your customer. Learning how to effectively apply Google Ads keeps you connected to your customer and top of mind. That’s a digital marketer’s mindset!

With that said, it can seem intimidating to understand how to set up Google Ads. There’s a budget involved, creative assets and keyword research. So, go straight to the source with the Google Ads and learn all about each aspect. Get your Google product certification through the Skillshop and make sure to add it to your LinkedIn profile. You’re proud of it and your potential employers will also be impressed.

Reading the Analytical Signs

Ever pulled a Google Analytics report? With Google Analytics, a marketer can access Google’s measurement tools to grow their business through intelligent data collection and analysis. Understanding how your landing pages perform, where your audience comes from and more, helps you better understand user behaviours, track performance, and identify opportunities for business improvement and growth. Regardless of what kind of marketing role you’re in, analytics is a key component of required skills.

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Analytics is a rabbit hole of knowledge which can overwhelm even the most experienced marketers. Through the Google Skillshop, explore the Google Analytics courses available and choose the right program for you. Whether you’re learning from scratch or need to brush up and want to discover something new, a Google Analytics certification waits in your future.

This kind of digital skill jumps out on a resume and it’s easier to spot with a Google Analytics certificate. Yes, there’s a test involved but don’t let that dissuade you. Take your notes and your time to really get a grasp of it all. You’ll walk around with confidence knowing that you’ve conquered the numbers.

Learning New Skills Takes Time

As you explore which digital skills you need to work on, remember that learning new skills takes time. Set realistic expectations of yourself to hit that sweet spot of optimal learning. Become a sponge and practice when you can. Above all, remember to keep refining both of your soft and technical skills. You’ll be the perfect package who can show and tell.

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