December 11, 2023 3 min read

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Switching to a digital marketing career may seem daunting, especially when you are trying to update your resumé. The good news is that even if you’ve never worked in a digital marketing role before, you likely possess the skills to help you break into the field.

While digital marketing roles often require social media, SEO, and content marketing skills (amongst many others) don’t underestimate the importance and power of transferable skills and your ability to adapt!  

When it comes to showcasing your skill set on your resume, consider incorporating these five transferable digital marketing skills to stand out: 

  1. Communication

  2. Organization & Project Management 

  3. Problem-Solving 

  4. Ability to Analyze Data & Draw Insights 

  5. Leadership 

Digital Marketing Interview

Skill #1: Communication

Communication will always be universally valued, no matter what role you apply for. Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for a role in digital marketing. You’ll likely be creating different forms of content for your clients, as well as needing to communicate effectively with co-workers and, depending on your role, clients daily. 

Let’s say you are coming out of a sales role with a software organization and now applying for a digital marketing role:

Here’s an example of how you can showcase your communication skills on your resumé: Engaged in daily task check-ins with Direct Manager and maintained weekly check-ins with ten ongoing B2B customers.

Skill #2: Organization & Project Management

Staying organized and effectively managing day-to-day tasks and projects is crucial in digital marketing. These skills go hand-in-hand and can be powerful additions to your resumé. 

Here’s an example of how you can showcase this skill on your resume: Demonstrated exceptional organizational proficiency by efficiently managing a database of over 500 leads and nurturing relationships with 50 customers through a CRM software.

Skill #3: Problem-Solving

Digital marketing, like many other fields, demands critical thinking and effective problem-solving. A good problem-solver can assess a problem, make a decision, and be confident in it. Reflect on a time in a previous role where you had to handle an issue, problem, or crisis, whether it was client-related or workplace-related and use that as an example on your resume. 

For instance, you could share something like this on your resume: Showcased exceptional problem-solving skills during a live product demonstration with a prospective client, promptly identifying their goals, understanding their feedback and stance, and implementing a solution to maintain the prospect relationship. 

Skill #4: Ability to Analyze Data & Draw Insights 

Data is king in digital marketing. So, it’s no surprise that the ability to analyze data and pull valuable insights is a highly transferable skill. If you’ve worked with customer data, social media metrics, sales data, or conducted data research in a previous role, highlight your data analysis skills on your resume. 

Here’s an example of how you can showcase this skill on your resume: Regularly analyze key deal metrics, including close rate, retention rate, and average sales cycle lengths. Upon reviewing that data, I determined two areas for improvement and increased my close rate by 15% in Q4 of 2022. 

Skill #5: Leadership 

Even if you are applying for an entry-level position, strong leadership skills are essential to any role in digital marketing. Leadership showcases your ability to take initiative and your value as a reliable team member. 

To showcase this on your resumé, you could share something like this: Lead weekly team updates on behalf of the business development team to discuss what was and wasn’t working with each individual’s outbound strategies.


Communication, organization and project management, problem-solving, data analysis, and leadership are all transferable skills that can significantly enhance your resume when applying for a role in digital marketing. Reflect on your past roles, regardless of their relevance to digital marketing, and find ways to illustrate how you have used these skills in action. 

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