March 15, 2021 3 min read

Navigating the digital space means being prepared for constant changes in a fast-paced environment. That didn’t slow down Shiwangi Singh who is here to leave her mark on digital marketing.

Making A Move with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is still new to many people. When I started my digital marketing career after quitting a nine-to-five bank job, it was difficult for my parents to understand where this path could lead. However, they believed in me and supported me to start my business.

Portrait of smiling Shiwangi beside house plant.

Being a social person, I love networking and making connections that are more than just professional partnerships. A lot of my educational background comes from finance but being an avid social media user myself, I started my career as an entrepreneur and used the potential of social media to help generate revenue for my business.

Within two years, I found myself working as an influencer manager and content strategist for others. I wore many hats, just like any other digital marketing role. The social media industry was beginning to boom in India and the influencers I worked with were growing at an exponential speed, so I was always ideating new ways for resources.

After four years of experience, I wanted to enhance my skills and education further within the social media sector. So, I moved to Toronto, the most diversified city in the world and enrolled in the social media program at Seneca. Through my program, I am learning the analytics side of digital marketing which balances my experience that focused on the creative aspect. My dream job would be a digital marketing role which involves me being able to express my creativity for content with a mind for analytics.

Social Media Superpower

Digital marketing is evolving daily! We see new updates on various social media platforms that are competing with each other to create a single cohesive platform. With brands shifting their marketing budgets to social media budgets, we see a persistent rise in influencers and digital creators. With the hit from the pandemic, we also see many small businesses and individuals shifting their focus to digital marketing. Businesses have started making a profit and increase in sales through social media. Now they have dedicated social media teams. There is indeed a space for everyone in this vast digital media space. Social media is an untapped business market.

However, with competition increasing, it could be possible that this trend will last long. That is why, I want to be able to combine my knowledge, experience, and soft skills to create a lasting impression in the industry. I want to set a trend that can be followed by others to better utilize the power of social media.

Being A Creative Multitasker

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When I worked for an influencer management company, one of the projects I worked on was to execute an entire campaign brief for an app. I managed content for fifteen influencers and worked with one brand with multiple influencers. My role was to keep both the brand and the influencers happy while also creating content that differed, was unique and catered to the needs of every influencer involved. It was a very challenging role especially when you need to create the same campaign for multiple influencers. In the end thanks to this campaign, the app received a reach of more than 300,000 from 3 macro and micro-influencers.

As the influencer market was still growing, many influencers were short on budget or did not want to invest in heavy equipment and props. Determining key props that can be re-used and re-purposed was one of the ways to make the most of minimal resources. Creativity plays a very important role in making the most of minimal resources.

One of the challenges I faced was when brands would usually launch campaigns on short timelines and mostly during the festive seasons. A usual day in my life would involve coordinating with multiple brands and influencers simultaneously, so I was multitasking all day (even beyond my office hours) due to constraint deadlines which sometimes involved me shooting and editing while addressing multiple brand queries.

Inspiration & Support

My brand inspiration is Coca-Cola! Although I am not a soda person, and even though their product isn’t the best or healthiest, I admire their marketing greatly. The way they market it anybody would be convinced to buy the product. As a brand, they take many necessary initiatives and are ALWAYS on point with their marketing strategies. Even after being in the industry for so many years, they are still a dominant company. They inspire me to adapt to changing consumer behaviours and preferences and motivate me to expand my creativity to the next level.

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