August 15, 2022 3 min read

Aashna Makin shares what she finds fascinating about marketing, taking calculated risks, continuing to learn, finding your space and dominating.

Marketing Fascinates Me

Over the past five plus years as a marketer, I've helped over 150 businesses across North America. In this role I have used my passion for digital marketing to generate high-quality leads and increase the growth of these businesses, primarily through paid ads with Google and Facebook. Now, I understand marketing at a more holistic level. I have advised start-ups and encouraged them to build their brand on digital platforms, using cost-effective funnels and email marketing. I have successfully managed over five million in ad spend while working with companies invested in strategic marketing. Marketing fascinates me because of the impact it has on business. 

Dominate Your Space

The values I believe are essential for young marketers to develop are a willingness to learn and the determination to improve and enhance one's skill set. Young marketers must decide where they want to excel and specialize. Whether it is paid ads, social media, SEO, or brand strategy. Whatever it is, go for it and dominate your space. Effective marketing is vital to every business, regardless of size or industry. What I love most about marketing is the freedom that comes with it. Marketers can work from anywhere.

The Latest Concepts

One of the challenges I faced was finding the right program and getting started. I choose to learn from marketers and programs that expose you to the latest concepts. To that end, I recently completed a marketing management course at Seneca College in Toronto. 

Niches and Clients

My advice to today's marketing students is to pay attention, read and keep themselves informed on the latest marketing trends. For the first two or three years, try to work with agencies to gain exposure to different niche markets and clients. This experience will help you acquire knowledge and develop a strong portfolio. Grab every opportunity to learn from peers in other departments. While working as an SEM analyst, I moved beyond managing campaigns to training a team of 60. By doing that, I improved the agency processes and helped other analysts manage their campaigns. 

Take Calculated Risks

Testing is key when it comes to marketing. Take calculated risks with marketing tactics you feel are suitable for the business until you determine what is profitable. If you work in immigration, keep an eye on the latest trends and regulations, strategize around key changes, and keep your marketing message relevant and appealing.

Room for Growth

There is always room for growth, and I implement everything I learn. Early in my career, back in 2018, I was Employee of the Quarter. I regularly received shout-outs from the client success team for delivering positive results, which built up my confidence. Within three months of moving to Canada, I was able to help turn around performance marketing strategies, resulting in revenue growth for a clients' organization. The ideal role for me would be a dynamic, omnichannel combination which utilizes my multitasking skills and experience, adding value to the organization.

Broaden Your Understanding 

take calculated risks

I'm grateful to be associated with amazing organizations like Superflow Agency in 2020 and currently TripArc. These two groups have shaped my career and broadened my understanding of marketing. Working with leaders who are genuinely interested in your career growth while providing unconditional support can be rare.




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