June 10, 2024 3 min read

It’s a Calling

My journey is fueled by a desire to connect, inspire, and drive growth. I'm a digital marketing expert, educator, researcher, mentor, and entrepreneur. My brainchild, ProInfluencer, was born from recognizing that ambitious entrepreneurs needed a tailored approach to branding that resonated with their target audience. My solution was a platform that helps individuals discover their unique 4Ps, positioning them for success in the competitive digital landscape. Founding Girlsonaroll was pivotal in shifting from working for brands to collaborating with them. Marketing is about using creativity and strategy to tell compelling stories, drive engagement, and, ultimately, make a difference. My approach ensures authentic and ethical representation of brands because, for me, marketing is more than a profession; it's a calling.

Key Values

The values I believe are crucial for young marketers to develop for long-term success are:

Adaptable: Since the marketing landscape is constantly evolving, being adaptable is key. Be open to new ideas, technologies, and trends, and be willing to pivot strategies when necessary.

Resilience: Marketing can be challenging, with campaigns often facing setbacks or failures. Develop resilience, learn from setbacks, and persevere in the face of adversity.

Collaborate:Marketing is rarely a solo endeavour. Learn to collaborate within your teams and with external partners and recognize that great ideas often come from teamwork.

Hurdles and Outcomes

One of the biggest hurdles I faced in my career was establishing credibility and gaining recognition in a competitive field. To overcome this challenge, I focused on continuously improving my skills and knowledge through education, certifications, and practical experience. Another challenge was adapting to the fast-paced nature of marketing and staying updated with the latest trends and technology. I overcame this by dedicating time to continuous learning by attending workshops, webinars, and conferences, including Collision, Elevate and AdWorld.

Advice to You

My journey has taught me that successful marketing is about more than just transactions—it's about creating meaningful connections with audiences, taking calculated risks, and staying true to your values. It's about nurturing relationships, building communities, and making a positive impact in the world.

In the early stages of your careers:

1. Ongoing learning and practical experience are essential to help you stay relevant and updated with the latest trends, technologies, and strategies because people who can use AI and other tools are not a threat, those who can use them well are.

2. Build your personal brand and network with professionals in the field.

3. Always stay open to adapting, evolving, and pivoting your strategies when needed.

Trends Impacting Business Today

• The shift towards digital requires businesses to adopt digital strategies for marketing and customer engagement. This trend emphasizes the importance of digital skills and tools in reaching and engaging with audiences effectively.

• Customers increasingly expect personalized experiences from brands. This trend requires businesses to collect and analyze data to understand customer preferences and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

• Artificial intelligence and automation are increasingly being used in marketing to streamline processes, personalize experiences, and analyze data. This trend highlights the importance of incorporating AI-driven tools and technologies into marketing strategies.

• Content Marketing & Influencer Marketing is bigger than ever. This trend emphasizes the importance of storytelling and building meaningful connections with customers and building relationships with influencers who align with your brand values.

• Finally social commerce will become a game changer, features such as Tiktok shopping will allow shoppers to buy directly from their social media platforms.

Greatest Accomplishment

Building girlsonaroll has been my greatest accomplishment. It has allowed me to grow and work with different brands, industries, agencies and influencers. It has also led to building my professional brand, ProInfluencer, based on relationships with industry professionals, clients, and colleagues. I am proud of my impact on my students and mentees. I am constantly growing and adapting to the field to stay current and help others develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Career Defining Experiences

Entrepreneurial Journey: Pursuing entrepreneurship with ProInfluencer and girlsonaroll taught me valuable lessons about risk-taking, resilience, and the importance of staying true to my values.

Teaching and Mentoring: My experience as a faculty member and mentor has allowed me to share my knowledge and passion for marketing with others, while also learning from my students and mentees.

Continuous Learning: I make it a priority to continuously learn and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. This commitment has helped me adapt to changes in the industry and remain relevant.

Networking and Relationships: Building relationships with industry professionals, clients, and colleagues has been instrumental to my career growth. Networking has opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights that have shaped my approach to marketing.

Ideal Role
The ideal role for me would be one that offers a dynamic and collaborative environment, where I can contribute my expertise and passion for marketing to drive positive outcomes for the business and its stakeholders.

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