June 21, 2024 3 min read

Navigating a Career in Marketing: Behind the Scenes

As you transition from the sheltered walls of academia to the dynamic world of marketing, there are bound to be lessons you wish you had known earlier. To help you navigate the marketing career path, we've gathered insights from a diverse group of young marketers, each representing a different department within the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). Their collective wisdom offers a broad perspective on what they wish they had known when they first started in the marketing profession.

Monarch Thakkar - Event Coordinator

Reflecting on my role as an Event Coordinator, one piece of career advice I wish I had known earlier is the importance of getting a feel for the company culture. This can be done by chatting with current employees, which can offer valuable insights and help you ease into a new environment. Networking is like expanding your social circle; it is daunting initially but incredibly rewarding. Stepping out of your comfort zone may feel uncomfortable, but that's how you grow. Maintain a positive mindset and remember to celebrate your wins and savour the journey.

Dunia Badawi - CRM Support & Reporting Coordinator

I've learned that a marketing career can seem glamorous, but to approach it with a balanced perspective and a healthy dose of caution. I've also learned the value of being open-minded because marketing offers a vast array of roles, each with its own set of skills and experiences which will enrich your career and enhance your versatility and marketability. Finally, I've come to appreciate the significance of embracing challenges. Whether a new project or a career pivot, stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to remarkable growth. Failure is not a setback but a stepping stone toward success. Navigating a career in marketing requires a blend of curiosity, pragmatism, and courage.

Juliette Rivers - Senior Coordinator, CMA NXT Ambassador

When I started in my first corporate role, I wish I had known how slow corporate dynamics are. In academia, you have tight deadlines with a few weeks to complete a task. I had to quickly learn and adjust to the prolonged timelines of professional processes. In school your assignments must meet your standards and your professors' expectations, but in the corporate world, a task is only complete once every stakeholder's voice has been heard and integrated. Learning how to navigate the maze of corporate decision-making to reduce bottlenecks requires patience, but it's a valuable part of the learning process.

Lessons Learned

Monarch stresses understanding the company culture and getting to know your colleagues. He underlines the importance of networking, maintaining a positive mindset, and celebrating your wins. Dunia suggests approaching marketing cautiously while being open-minded and embracing challenges. She believes failure is a part of success; it doesn't define you; it's simply a part of your journey. While adjusting may take time, Juliette encourages patience with corporate dynamics when your stakeholders decide when the job is done. Whether you've learned how to approach complex tasks and sensitive situations or navigate the many successes flanked by occasional failures, there have certainly been lessons to learn from. We've chosen to share our advice with others who may want to follow in our footsteps because, as Margaret Fuller once said, "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."

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