February 14, 2022 3 min read

Is it Time to Go?

searching for a new job

There may come a time where you say I’ve had enough, or I can’t do this anymore.

It might be your first job out of school or your third role in the field of your dreams. Whatever the situation is, the grass doesn’t seem as green as it used to. It could be simply that something inside you has changed, or your ambitions have outgrown your role. You may have accepted a job to help you get through school, but now school is over, and you’re still working there. You may have loved the role at first, but now waking up for work seems more difficult. Even something as simple as brushing your teeth and jumping in the shower takes more time than it used to. You might notice that along with your morning coffee, you sigh in frustration at the workday ahead.

Is Passion the Problem?

Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure, you need a change. Anyone could get a little bored at work from time to time, but it’s a different story if this happens daily. Have you spoken to your supervisor about more variety in your daily tasks? If not, this could be a great place to start. If you had this conversation with your supervisor, you know that you were trying to change your work experience.

Have You Considered Everything?

What's next?

It’s never easy to leave a job. In addition to the income, there may also be health benefits. These health benefits allow you to maintain your physical and mental health. Leaving a job means you no longer have access to the income and the benefits the company has provided in the past. You must    re-evaluate your expenses and focus spending on the necessities. But if you are craving a change, a new role is a necessity. 


Be Prepared for Rejection

Before you hand in your resignation and make plans to go out and social distance with your closest friends, there are crucial steps you should take. First,   update your resume and be sure to list all your duties in a manner that displays your abilities and promotes your skills. Make sure to design your resume to stand out from the rest. Start applying for jobs in the field that interests you. Remember, quitting is easy. The hard part is what comes after. There will be days and nights filled with applications, cover letters, resumes and yes, rejections. Changing roles isn’t easy. Engage interviewers on the phone, group interviews online and be prepared to handle rejection. Interviewers are not looking for just anyone. They are searching for the person they believe will be the right fit. So don’t take it personally if you don’t get selected. Remember, if you weren’t the right fit for one organization, that doesn’t mean you won’t fit in somewhere else. So don’t let that affect your confidence.

A Step in The Right Direction

Time for a change

Have you ever considered career counselling? Career counsellors will study your characteristics, likes, dislikes, motivational factors and more to produce a list of roles that use your skillset. The process is in-depth, and it can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what roles you should pursue. Don’t be fooled. Career counsellors don't have all the answers. However, they can give you a gentle nudge to research areas in the right direction.

Everyone Needs Help

How would you rate your networking skills? It’s a great way to meet new people or reengage. Using your social media connections to build a network of like-minded individuals could help you on your journey. But like anything else, it is going to take time and work. If asking for help is difficult for you, then networking could seem like an overwhelming task. But think about it this way, no one gets anywhere on their own. If you wanted to cut the grass in your backyard, would you use a pair of scissors? Of course not.

Here’s To You in 2022

follow your passion, dream big.If you’re still wondering if it’s time for you to leave your current job, chances are you already know the answer. Finding a new role takes time but provides a wealth of opportunity. It’s February 2022, a new year and a new you. Here’s to turning the page and writing your next chapter. Cheers.


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