June 26, 2023 2 min read

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As digital marketers, there is always more to learn in this field and countless websites to get insightful ideas, updates, and industry advice from! We checked in with some of our digital marketing experts here at Jelly Academy and asked them their favourite websites that you need to check out this year. Keep reading to find out what their top website recommendations are!

Answer The Public
Answer The Public Website

Answer The Public is an awesome tool that pulls autocomplete data from Google then produces every useful phrase/ or search phrase that is related to a particular topic. This can make SEO, content creation, and digital advertising more productive. 

Marketing News Canada
Marketing News Canada Website

If you want to learn from Canada’s greatest marketing minds, check out Marketing News Canada - a news website and podcast series that highlights the latest trends, industry updates, advice, and tools in marketing. Marketing News Canada interviews the industry’s leaders and some of the top creative minds in marketing to learn about their journeys and the advice they’d give to others in the field. 

Social Media Today
Social Media Today Website

Another great site to check out the latest digital trends, specifically in the social media field, is Social Media Today. This website covers industry updates such as platform changes, and pop culture influences that can affect digital marketing strategy. 

The Moz Blog
The Moz Blog Website

Over on The Moz Blog, SEO experts provide their best advice, tools, and research so other SEO professionals can gain new recommendations to apply to their work. The blog inspires collaboration and great industry knowledge!

Search Engine Journal 
SEO - Search Engine Journey
Digital Strategy - Search Engine Journey

Search Engine Journal has two key sections, SEO and Digital Advertising, which both provide expertise and commentary on relevant topics surrounding both of these digital sectors. Many of their pieces cover the quick tips and tricks that professionals can implement while on the job. 

SEMRush Blog
SEMrush Blog Website

SEMRush has a great blog that covers more foundational advice for those getting into the SEO industry. Their pieces go hand in hand with their training offerings to create a well-rounded SEO professional.  

Today In Digital Marketing 
Today in Digital Marketing Website

Today in Digital Marketing is a bite-sized podcast hosted by Tod Maffin that covers any updates you may have missed in social media and digital marketing. Alongside the podcast, the website is host to interviews with industry experts and update focused articles.

WordStream Website

Wordstream is a blog that dives deeper into skills and processes digital marketers will encounter. This is a great hub of lesson-style blogs that can really help you out when you have a question or curiosity about a certain topic or tool.

Be sure to check these websites out next time you’re looking for a spark of inspiration or just want to learn more about the industry you’re in!

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